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Our Story

Kauai’s infamous for its red dirt. The deep red dirt covers roadways, sidewalks, shoes, buildings, cars and stains everything.

What causes Kauai’s dirt to be so red?

Kauai is one of the oldest Hawaiian Islands giving the high iron content of the volcanic soils plenty of time to oxidize, producing red dirt.

Visit the Dirt Shirt store on the west side of Kauai and bring home a red dirt shirt.  The quality is excellent and the price even better- the Waimea store is the only store on Kauai with $10  Red Dirt Shirts.

Our Shirts

The shirts are washed in red dirt.  You’ll also find a wide variety of red dirt hats with all of the best quotes, “Older than Dirt, Life is Short, Play Dirty” too.   The store also carries a wide range volcanic shirts,  a great selection of aloha wear t-shirts and hats all unique to Kauai.  Come experience our aloha – you will always leave with a free gift. 

Red Dirt Shirts

4490 Pokole Pl.
Waimea, Hawaii 96796

Store Hours

9am – 7pm